Edge Space

Learning curve, over the edge, come back from the edge, border land, no man's land, forge new ground - these are all sayings that refer to some form of experiential or metaphorical edge space. I believe these trying spaces and realities, the edges we navigate in life, can be catalysts for growth and change or even our undoing. They contain our shredded bits and our swirling multitudes.

As a result of personal life experiences and the disturbing reality of the US sociopolitical climate, I am interested in new ways of thinking about challenge, discomfort and potential - all of which involve navigating some sort of liminal terrain. I've come to think of edge space as a dynamic and encompassing term for the complex landscape where different elements intersect: places on the precipice; where ideas, rights and people are marginalized; where our learning edges challenge us and we meet our potential; the emotional states we traverse. It’s a physical and metaphorical territory not entirely on the map and it’s rife with anticipation that something is about to, or needs to, happen. 

While these images of found artifacts and vignettes are firmly rooted in the high desert place of Santa Fe, New Mexico, and were primarily taken in urban edge spaces, they depict universal truths that remind us of our fragility; our potential for learning and transformation; our connection to each other, the natural world and place; of our temporal existence and the choices we make. 

Elementary in nature, the images are visually distilled to serve as surreal object lessons, functioning much like a primer on a broad subject. Edge Space is an ongoing body of work, a conversation to deepen both an alternate portrayal of this oft caricatured place and the understanding of the myriad ways edge spaces inform our lives.