The Future Comes From Leftovers

The Future Comes from Leftovers is an ongoing series of visual poems that distill themes of fragility and strength, of potential and temporal existence into simple arrangements. Inspired in part by 17th century Dutch vanitas still life paintings that symbolically depict the transience of life and the futility of pleasure and achievement - these are decidedly more modern, deconstructed and minimal, with roots in hope and optimism and an eye to the future. Using odds and ends I've accumulated over the years, ubiquitous items and natural artifacts, I've employed the embedded significance within objects and relational juxtaposition as narrative devices. They are at once quite personal, with many of the items holding specific associations in my life, but also intentionally oblique so that viewers can find their own interpretations.

The individual titles, many of which inspired specific images, come from excerpted blog posts by the deceased author Anne Herbert who was a keen observer of life and a writer with the ability to convey complexity with insightful brevity. The series title speaks to the idea that what remains - either physical, emotional or cultural - is fodder for future growth. These are mantras for potential, for finding our way through the dark.