Where the Sky Meets the Earth

It's often a sign that you truly love a person or place when you even love their imperfections, acknowledging those "flaws" as an important part of their being. That's how I feel about Santa Fe, New Mexico. I love it down to its dirty fingernails and raw edges, for it's lack of polish and pretension. I love it for it's huge sky, wide open spaces and unforgiving light. I love it for looking, feeling and acting like no other place in the United States - it is authentically itself with a complex history that still informs the present day.

While I feel woefully unqualified to show the true breadth and depth of this place, this is a view through my camera lens of the things and places that I so often return to when shooting. These isolated views are intended to show a different side of Santa Fe's beauty and charm - where it coincides with the discarded and mundane or odd views of ubiquitous elements. Views that allude to it's complexity, different cultures and history.

Each image is combined with a working photograph (also of Santa Fe) as a device to extol the patina and damage the high desert elements wreak on surfaces and it's omnipresent light that fades everything. 

This is a love letter to Santa Fe, to the high desert of Northern New Mexico.


It is absurd the way I love this country… I am loving the plains more than ever it seems — and the SKY — Anita you have never seen SKY — it is wonderful — G.O'K.


Green Chile

Excluded intentionally: Zia, state flag