Eclipse the Light Fantastic

To spend time with my mom and step dad is to drop into our own alternate universe. There is much laughter, creativity, deep discussion, spontaneity, forgiveness, affection and love. The kind that is hard won and born of the deep understanding of how different things could be.

As is the case with many (most?) families, ours has a history of darkness and trauma. Long before my step dad graced our life, my mother was running from her dysfunctional family, dragging me through a childhood of insecurity, poverty and violence. Under the auspices of the 70's hippy counter-culture movement, it was a more lawless, drug fueled and violent existence than that of peace and love. That we are alive, joyful and share a loving relationship today is rather miraculous. We've traversed dark emotional territory, separately and together, and emerged stronger, more resilient versions of ourselves - keeping the sparkliest parts intact.

Taken during the span of the total solar eclipse in August 2017, these photos document my little family’s viewing and activities during that brief time. From an impromptu decision to join the neighbors on their lawn to rummaging through my mom’s glitter and lace collection – the grandness of the celestial event took a backseat to just being together in the moment.

In sifting through these photos months later, the metaphors that thread through them - darkness and light, obscured or focused vision, connected celestial bodies and woven threads - all seem poignantly relevant beyond the dance of the sun and moon that day. They remind me of what we’ve been through, what we're made of and how far we’ve come.