Snippets from the Flow

Hello! It's been a while. Life has been life-y, both hard and good, and as always I've been feeling what kind of art makes sense to make in this bumpy world and tending to my creative development.

I'm still working on Miscellaneous Souls and I'm taking my time with it. It's such a personally meaningful project and I've tasked myself with the challenge of weaving together and condensing a variety of heavy threads - I want to do it justice. I'll update the work-in-progress mini edit soon.

In between, I'm exploring other projects and figuring out how to continue and evolve my photo practice with the decreased ability to photo wander. Someday I'll have a new knee and it will be glorious. Until then, save for strategic and special occasions, studio work is my friend and I'm digging it. Huzzah to the flexible, creative beast of a medium that is photography!

I'm forever interested in symbolism and distilling the complex swirl of ideas, feelings and observations into simple depictions. Seemingly random or ubiquitous objects have the capacity to speak in paragraphs (volumes, sometimes) so I've been sifting through old boxes of bits and bobs, picking up items here and there that resonate (my office, the street, wherever) and making arrangements to express concepts that occupy my thinking. Fragility, strength, our temporal existence, similarity, potential, growth and the hard to describe feelings between all the resolute bits we bump up against. I think of them as visual poems or haikus that are open to multiple interpretations.

Most titles are excerpted bits from blog posts by the writer, Anne Herbert. She condenses soulful observations into poetic snippets that feel perfect for matching with photography. She sees so well and has that rare ability to articulate complexity with brevity. It's worth taking some time to explore her blog archives. I've always wondered why she suddenly stopped posting, but I am grateful for all the years she did and for sharing her gifts.